Advanced Javascript 3rd Edition

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Advanced JavaScript 3rd Edition is an in-depth examination of the most important features of JavaScript. The book assumes readers have a basic understanding of web development, but includes a review of JavaScript fundamentals in Chapters 1 through 3. This book gives the reader a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of JavaScript by examining objects, arrays, date and time functions, math, and all the essentials that are needed for complex yet robust JavaScript scripts. Topics are thoroughly examined with several complete examples.
Product Details

* Paperback: 616 pages
* Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc.; 3 edition (November 25, 2007)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1598220330
* ISBN-13: 978-1598220339

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Hangga Nuarta mengatakan... @ 1 Januari 2009 14.58

wah... keren nih... Donlot ah...

Hangga Nuarta mengatakan... @ 1 Januari 2009 15.03

Mas, nggak bisa di donlot!!!

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oPa mengatakan... @ 1 Januari 2009 20.33

udah di perbaharui link nya nga..
silah kan di unduh...

IT Almuslim Blog mengatakan... @ 28 April 2009 11.15

mksh ebook nya

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