HD Tune is a hard disk utility with many functions. It can be used to measure the drive's performance, scan for errors, check the health status (S.M.A.R.T.), securely erase all data and much more.
HD Tune Pro is a hard disk utility which has the following functions:
Benchmark: measures the low-level performance (read/write)
File Benchmark: measures the file performance (read/write)
Info: shows detailed information
Health: checks the health status by using SMART
Error Scan: scans the surface for errors 

Erase: securely erases all data from the disk
Disk Monitor: monitors disk access
Folder View: shows disk space usage for each folder
AAM: reduces noise or increases seek performance
Temperature display



Name: John Smith
Serial number: YF5C-ED52-F6BF-EE19-C101

Versi Portable


Novianto mengatakan... @ 21 Agustus 2011 09.08

opa kasih sofware yg bisa meringankan kerja komputer biar gk ngelag2 donk opa

oPa mengatakan... @ 21 Agustus 2011 10.33

coba bentar saya carikan ya :D

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