A WindowBlinds skin can make Windows look like an alternative operating system, like their favorite sports or car brand, or something completely new. Because WindowBlinds uses the latest hardware acceleration features of modern video cards, WindowBlinds won't slow down your computer and uses very little memory.

WindowBlinds is safe and easy to use. It doesn't alter any system files and users can switch between the default Windows look and feel and a custom WindowBlinds skin with the click of a button. In addition, WindowBlinds has been tested to ensure it works with Windows Vista, so you know it is compatible, reliable, and more secure.

Included in

- Windows Blinds 6.0.2 Installer
- Windows Blinds 6.0.2 Crack and Patcher
- Successful Installation Instructions
- 50 Skins

Download disini :


rozy mengatakan... @ 20 Januari 2009 15.36

thanks infonya opa :)

- s L i K e R s - mengatakan... @ 20 Januari 2009 18.43

Gak ngerti ini untuk apaan sih....... :)

Mike mengatakan... @ 20 Januari 2009 21.11

1. Opa, link XP key Changernya tewas xP

Tapi, sbg gantinya aq ada Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder (freeware), gampang pakenya:

Makasih banyak, sekarang Iwndos saya asli wkwkwk

2. Trus, cara pake IDM buat download Rapidshare masih blom ngerti aq. Minta tolong tutorialnya donk. Thx

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