TrueCafe v4.2.080526 Final (NEW)

Manage and automate Internet cafe and game clubs! TrueCafe is a distributed system. It consists of server and client software. Server software is a center of cyber cafe maintenance. It provides pricing, customer and session management, payments, reporting and so on. Client software blocks unauthorized access to terminals, displays statistics of a user's session and a list of applications a user can start after a terminal is unlocked.


Control a cyber cafe with ease
All important information is displayed on one screen: the list of customers that you can create, edit, sell products to; the list/icons of workstaions you can arrange according to the real location of terminals in the club; session summary for a selected terminal; the list of active sessions. While managing a session, you can set/extend a time limit or pre-paid, add any product (printing, scanning, etc.), give a discount, print a receipt when a session is finished.

Utilize pre-paid tickets (time codes)
Create, print, sell, delete or recover pre-paid tickets. Distribute tickets among your employees (agents). Keep track of a ticket status. Delete all unused tickets. Use a ticket to top-up a customer session.

Provide Wi-Fi hotspot support (wireless billing)
Charge your customers when they use your Wi-Fi access point to browse the web from their wireless laptops, PDAs or any other mobile devices.

Use license key (CD-key) management
Cut down your game licensing expenses using the CD-key management system. Purchase a quantity of licenses to cover a simultaneous gameplay vs. purchasing a license for every terminal where a game is installed.

Automatically charge customers for printing
TrueCafe Printer Watcher software let you automatically charge your customers for printing on any printer in your cyber cafe, using a very precise method of calculating the exact number of document pages and copies. Use the print confirmation feature which notifies your customers how many pages they print and how much they are charged for the printing. You can also turn on the print control feature which means a customer can only print if he has enough money on his balance.

Setup any complicated pricing
Configure pricing per minute, hour, an item or setup a table of fixed sums that are added to a bill; round amount of a service; setup taxing (included in or excluded of the price). Create a number of time zones with distinct pricing for each one. Setup amount-dependent pricing (e.g. 1 hour = $5, 2 hours = $7, etc.). Create a pricing package for each group of customers or let your customer select pricing they prefer by providing them with "public" packages.

Protect terminals
Lock a terminal unless a customer enters his name/password or a cyber cafe administrator unlocks a terminal remotely. Disable the Task Manager, hide the standard Desktop and Start Menu. Setup a restricted set of applications a user can start. Warn a customer via a message or custom sound file when critical amount of time/money is left. Let your customer top-up his balance using a ticket, change his password, order products (drinks, snacks, etc.) from his/her place. Restart a terminal when a session ends to rollback any changes made by a customer (providing that DeepFreeze software is installed).



fie mengatakan... @ 15 Maret 2009 11.21

Untuk apa ni opa???

Hangga Nuarta mengatakan... @ 15 Maret 2009 11.56

Ini untuk jualan makanan/minuman di internet ya Mas???

didin mengatakan... @ 15 Maret 2009 13.45

ini software buat warnet ya opa ???

oPa mengatakan... @ 15 Maret 2009 16.24

ini jawaban request dari sobat blognyaopa yang minta cariin software.
ini buat billing hotspot bror..

didin mengatakan... @ 16 Maret 2009 22.07

oh....ntu software buat billing hotspot toh, ane baru tahu, makasih ya opa :)

rozy mengatakan... @ 17 Maret 2009 10.23

bisa dicoba nih billing

lolids mengatakan... @ 22 Mei 2009 12.24

kok engga bisa di download opo??????

oPa mengatakan... @ 23 Mei 2009 06.51

nih link yg baru :

Anonim mengatakan... @ 11 Juni 2009 12.13

opa..yang lbh bagus mana ya??? billing eksplorer ato true cafe.???

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