Successful entrepreneur must have several characteristics such as self – control , self – confidence , sense of urgency , comprehensive awareness , realism, conceptual ability and emotional stability . In some interviews entrepreneurs mention that good health. They can work for extended periods of time without get sick . Entrepreneur take longer time in working, at the end of eight- hour day. The entrepreneurs still continue to work in to evening, developing new business idea.

Entrepreneur work independently, they do not function well in structured organization and do not like someone having authority over them. Once they achieve a goal, they will try to gain another goal. A goal can be their motivation. Not only that they have deep faith about themselves. They believe that they are smarter than their peer, superiors and also do things in their own ways. Entrepreneur gain a high self confidence when they are in control of what they’re doing and working alone. They can handle problems immediately with confidence, develop their ideas quickly, like to do activities.

Successful entrepreneur can cover any situations while making plans, making decisions and working on multiple ideas at the same time. And find satisfaction when the business they built are praised but they will be embarrassed when the praise are given personally to them in hard situation they will concentrate their resources and energies on essential business operation. Successful entrepreneurs find their satisfaction of status needs in the performance of their business, not in the appearance they present to their peers and public.

How do to a young entrepreneur?. Can they be successful young entrepreneurship?, it's can be happen if they know and understand basic information about entrepreneurship. several phases that need to be understood in Entrepreneurship.
there is :
  1. Formation stage
  2. Collectivity stage
  3. Formalization and control stage
  4. Elaborasi stage
  5. Decline struktur
Information that we need to be success in entrepreneurship not only through the theory - the theory above, we also need information about the experiences of other successful people. We can find this information in some website that care about entrepreneur development. like : http://www.kauffman.org/ or you can search with search engine.


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